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Our Story

Honeycomb paper is our craft! We are the fourth generation of a family of paper artists.  Over 120 years ago, our great-grandfather encountered honeycombs for the first time when a friend brought a few pieces to his tiny village. A life-long artist, he fell in love with the beautiful decorations and started hand-crafting honeycombs as a hobby.  His children inherited his love and talent for paper art, and with time the hobby turned into a small business, selling mainly at craft fairs, holiday festivals, and local shops.  His sons developed honeycomb equipment that modernized production, and while much of our process is still hand-crafted, we no longer have to glue the honeycomb sheets by hand. With a more precise honeycomb paper, we expanded our line to include thousands of products and continue to add new designs every year. 


Vintage Honeycomb Bir


You can find our popular honeycomb balls, tissue fans, paper fruits, party garlands, honeycomb diamonds and ornaments, snowflakes, and seasonal products in party shops worldwide and online.  However, with thousands of products in our catalog, it is just not possible for our amazing retailers to carry everything! 

We encourage you to continue to shop locally and support your community businesses.  Please feel free to reach out for a local recommendation!  They are still your best source for individual honeycombs and fantastic party tips.  


Visual Merchandising Window Display Summer

Our goal with this website is to open up our vast catalog to retail customers who may need just a handful of specialty items that are not available elsewhere. 

In order to provide the best pricing we can, our products are sold in bulk or mix packs of 3 or 6 decorations.  Large items are sold individually, and we also have a range of themed party kits.  As a manufacturer, we can customize sets easily, so please reach out if you need something special.  We are still in the process of adding our products to this website, so if you don’t see an item, please let us know and we will add it for you!

Our products are also available for wholesale purchasing. To request a wholesale account, please visit our factory website: https://www.devra-party.com/

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